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Part 2 – Spiritual Medicine


The Supreme Creator, continuously loving and assisting all creatures, has always sent them enlightened Spirits whose mission is to increase progress, discovering and inventing with the purpose to better the quality of life of mankind. Thus, regarding the issue health, everything that man knows today is due to these missionaries.

Therefore, the terms "earthly medicine" and "spiritual medicine" serve a limited semantic variation, since in the broad sense of the word there is only one medicine: that authorized by God.

The mentioned authorization contemplates that, in our Earth, physicians are responsible for medicine, and they are true "mechanics of Life"; regarding the spiritual area, Jesus and invisible Protectors answer to the charity and prayers of the patient himself and the people who support him.

In either case, the Major Plan takes into consideration the merit of the patients, but it is certain that, in some way, all without exception are protected.

Unquestionably, with astonishment and gratitude I quote Jesus, who instantly healed lepers, paralytics, the blind, and others. Without any other aid, only with the laying on of His hands, such prodigies left no room for any rational explanation, and this was credited to his incomparable spiritual evolution.

The world has known and knows the good action of the Benefactors of the Spiritual Plane who, at all times, when incarnate, also healed sick, although not as much as the Divine Friend, but under the same common denominator: charity, for the benefit of the sick.

For the sick of the body, the earthly medicine – When they disincarnate, certainly these "mechanics of the Spirit" continue to act in these blessings. This is how, coming down to earth, we find in the humble Spiritist Centers thousands of psychics (professed mediums, in the majority), individually or in mediumistic groups, ministering the spiritual pass and passing good energy to the patients, and countless times making them feel no pain or even healing them; a complement of this assistance is the fluidized water for those who are sick of the body or of the Spirit!

I refrain from commenting here on the so-called "spiritual surgeries", if practiced outside the hospital by doctors or mediums, with the use of artifacts or instruments. My abstention praises and has bias in the human legal understanding that this is characterized as an illegal practice of medicine.

I am one of those who consider that for the sick of the body there are hospitals and earthly medicine; for the sick of the Spirit, the Spiritist Center, where mediums and people of good will can assist them, whether with spiritual passes, indoctrination or with the Gospel therapy - Spiritual medicine.

The Spiritists know that diseases arise in the physical organism, but they are originated in the perispirit, which is a blessed instrument of the Spirit. Every time a person acts in disrespect of the Divine Laws, he weakens his physical defense system, allowing like this the invasion of viruses, vibrios, bacilli, germs and parasites (psychic), always lurking, awaiting such a dismantle to settle and produce terrible damage to the health.

Ravings of the Human Behavior - Spiritual instructors make clear that the ravings of the human behavior produce malignant (highly negative energy) effluviums which, absorbed by the so-called "psychic viruses", even end up causing physical damage, as if they were "reincarnated." Only a procedure in accordance with the Divine Laws constitutes a vaccine against these dangerous agents which cause so much misery.

Some quotes on this topic:

a. psychic germs, derived from sexual ravings, as commented by Andre Luiz in the book Missionaries of Light (chapter 4 - Vampirism);

b. germs of perversion: also the Spirit Andre Luiz, teaching humility, informs, in Our Home, on page 39, that only accomplishing the just duty can one get rid of the germs of perversion of divine health, added to one’s perispirit by moral neglect;

c. bacteria mentally incubated: still Andre Luiz, in Liberation (Life in the Spiritual World), chapter II, clarifies that they are "microbial entities that live and reproduce in the mental field of the millions of people who entertain them" and that they come massively to the cells and these attract and absorb them" [...] forming in the body the idealized illness";

d. Psychic viruses: Yvonne A. Pereira, Memoirs of a Suicide, Part 2, chapter 1, reports the existence of a "psychic virus" in disincarnated Spirits in deplorable vibratory states. The approach of such Spirits to children is extremely negative, if there is no one who protects them from the fatal influence. And this approach may even kill them if they do not receive help from those who can safeguard them.

The antidote capable of protecting us - Such psychic viruses are contagious and harm incarnates and the only antidote must be analogous, i.e., harmonization in opposite energies, also psychic... - "Only the correct proceeding constitutes efficient vaccine against this virus", he adds;

e. psychic vibrios and extravagant parasites: vicious minds produce a pestilential psychosphere and soak themselves in it, records the Spirit of Manoel P. de Miranda, In the frontiers of madness. 9th Edition, Salvador, LEAL, 1997, p.18 and 19.

The above opinions of friendly Spirits, do not bring with them any opinion of condemnation, but rather they are doctrinal counseling, friendly warnings. I do not, therefore, believe that (hasty) diagnostics should be made by inferring that all patients, under harsh physical conditions at present, had in their past earthly life a raving behavior, or mental "hypochondria." That is responsibility of the very High Spirits, which are in the condition to judge such acts and attitudes to organize with wisdom and charity the beginning of new reincarnations.


In referring to the "Medicine of the Future", spiritual / earthly, Kardec almost predicts[1]:

Since the perispirit is one of the constitutive elements of man, it plays an important role in all psychological phenomena and, to a certain extent, in physiological and pathological phenomena. When the medical sciences take in due account the spiritual element in the economy of the being, they will have taken a great step and entirely new horizons will appear. The causes of many diseases will be at this time discovered and powerful means of fighting them will be found.

The Medicine of the Future – We find a useful complement of spiritual enlightenment in the series of thirteen books by the Spirit Andre Luiz, a psychographics by Francisco Candido Xavier, in partnership, in certain cases, with the medium and physician Waldo Vieira.

Still on "Medicine of the future", in this blessed series we find other statements, confirming what Kardec had anticipated:

In Missionaries of the Light, chapter 6, p. 63, 21st Ed., 1988, FEB, RJ / RJ: Medical science will reach sublime culminations when it checks the transient body for the shadow of the eternal soul.

In the book Workers of Eternal Life, chap. 19, p. 282, 9th Ed., 1975, FEB, RJ/RJ: The physician of the future will learn that every remedy is saturated with electromagnetic energies in its range of action.

In the book Between the Earth and the Sky, chap.13, p.82 / 83, 13th Ed., 1990, FEB, RJ / RJ: The mind, as well as the physical body, can and should undergo interventions to rebalance itself. In the future, human science will evolve in psychic surgery, much as it is advancing in surgery technique today, in view of the needs of the vehicle of carnal matter. In the great future, the earthly doctor will unravel a mental labyrinth, just as easily as he now removes a condemned appendix.

In parallel to the adequate medical procedures and instructions for changing some habits, when the patients are receptive, these psychic doctors will induce them to the improvement of behavior, as a decisive complement for the respective cure.

With no patient, will such workers ever make the apology or proselytism of any religion. Their eventual counseling will all be based on Christian morality.


[1] - In “Posthumous Works”, Allan Kardec, 1st Part, I, The perispirit as the beginning of manifestations, Item 12, pages45-46, 21st Ed. 1985, FEB, RJ/RJ.



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