Spiritism For Kids

por Célia Xavier de Camargo


We Are All Equal Before God


Beatrice was walking down the street when she saw a very sad little clown weeping. She approached him and sitting on the sidewalk beside him, asked:

- Hi! What happened to you that made you so sad, little clown?

The boy wiped his eyes, then explained:

- I just do not know what to do! My mother is sick, my father has died and I want to help her, but I cannot. She is bed ridden and cries all the time. I do not know how to help her!

- Ah! Where do you live, little clown?

- I live near here, and to help my mother, I am selling some things that I took from our house, but  we are very poor. Want to see what I have to sell?

- I do! Do you work in the circus as a clown?

- Yes, but the circus is going away and I will have nowhere to perform!

- Do not worry. I'm going to talk to my dad and he always helps people when I ask. Come with me! My house is right there!

Beatrice took the little clown to her house and they went inside. The girl's mother was just finishing lunch and it smelled great.

Seeing her daughter come in with a boy dressed as a clown, the mother smiled and greeted the boy:

- Good morning, boy! What is your name? I'm just finishing to fix lunch! Are you hungry?

The clown greeted her the same way he had learned to do at the circus, and said:

- Yes, ma'am, my name is Bento! I am starving! I worked at the circus, but now it's gone and I'm out of work again. They just let me keep the clown costume because it would not fit anyone else!

- Ok, Bento. My name is Anne. Soon you'll get another job, believe me. Come on, let's sit at the table. Settle there, next to Beatrice, and I'll serve you!

Excited, Bento sat down and grabbed a spoon, while the lady served them both. Handing them the dishes, the mother smiled and said:

- Now we're going to say a prayer to Jesus, thanking Him for the food we're about to eat. Daddy is not coming today because he's too busy.

They closed their eyes, and the lady of the house prayed for help for their home and for Bento’s home and his family, leaving the boy very moved. He had never prayed before the meal and was liked it.

After lunch, the hostess served a dessert she had made and it was delicious! When he was finished, Bento looked at her and smiled.

- Thank you, Dona1 Anne! This was the best meal I've ever had in my life! And the dessert was very good too! Thanks for letting me have lunch here at your house. Later I'll show you what I was doing at the circus! I learned from the people there.

Leaving the table, Bento asked them to settle on the sofa in the living room and left. Mother and daughter waited to see what he was going to do. Soon, Bento appeared in the room making a very funny presentation, created by himself, causing mother and daughter to laugh a lot!

When he was done, they clapped their hands happily at him.

Then Bento bowed, greeting the ladies, and kissed their hands. Bento was glad to see that they had enjoyed the presentation, and said:

- Well. That was the show I was performing at the circus! Too bad it's gone and I will not do it anymore.

- Do not worry, Bento. We ourselves may find presentations for you! Even at my husband's company!...

- Is it true, Dona Anne?

- Yes! Just talk to him! Often my husband promotes company parties and presentations! ... But, we have more important things to do: let's go to your house and see how your mother is, Bento.

With tears in his eyes, he thanked Dona Anne for her kindness and off they went. Bento's mother was still very feverish and had not eaten yet. Anne had brought a bowl of leftovers from lunch and offered it to the sick woman, who accepted gratefully. Afterwards, they talked a lot, and Bento’s mother thanked them for feeding Bento and herself.

- Do not worry. I've been very poor too, and I know how hard it is not to be able to afford to buy food. Whenever you need it, you can turn to us, we are your friends! From now on, you will lack nothing in your home, do you hear?

- I do not know how to thank you, Dona Anne! May Jesus bless you!...

- No. You deserve all the best. We are all people and we have rights as human beings. So you do not have to thank me. If I have more than you, I have an obligation to help you, see? So do not feel smaller than anyone else. Before God we are all equal!




(Psychographed by Célia de Camargo on 30/10/2017.)



1 In Brazilian society, Dona is a term of respect that is used with the woman’s first name.

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