Letter to the reader

Year 11 - 547 - December 17, 2017

A chat with the young Érica Maria Lima Rodrigues

“Without brotherhood, everything is difficult and unstable” the title of our editorial which analyses among other subjects the theme French Revolution.

Érica Maria Lima Rodrigues was born in Sumaré (SP), is our interviewee of this Sunday. She graduated in Social Communication, enablig in publicity and advertisement; she is the current president of the Spirit Center Christian Love and Light (Cecal), in the city she lives.

“Medicine” is the title of the Especial written by the confrere Eurípedes Kühl which focus on this edition the theme spiritual medicine, adding the published article from last week which focused the evolution of Medicine Through centuries.

In the end of November, Divaldo Franco went to a brief doctrinal excursion by Ecuador, it started in Quito then went to Guayaquil, a city which he has visited 20 years ago. The report of his trip to Ecuador was written by Myra Cortés.




Tomorrow, December 18th, it celebrates one more disencarnation anniversary of Augusto Elias da Silva which happened in 1903. He was born in Portugal in 1848, Augusto came to Brazil and here he became one of the pioneers in spirit movement, where he founded in his own house, the Reformer, an official place of Spirit Brazilian Federation in which he was also one of its founders.


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