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The view from someone who arrived not long ago

A 25-year-old businessman, working in mediation (or arbitrage), a student of accountancy and Human Resources analyst, Felippe Fiuza do Nascimento (photo) became a Spiritist only six months ago. He takes part in the activities at the Luz e Verdade (Light and Truth) Spiritist Centre, in his hometown of Sao Paulo. His answers show the perspective from someone who has found answers to his questions and has widened his horizons since coming into contact with Spiritism.

How did you first find Spiritism?

It came at a time when I struggled to find answers to many life questions. The need to understand myself, as well as everything around me, led me to look for Teachings I could identify with.

How did you begin attending the Spiritist Centre where you know work as a volunteer?

As it is one of the best-known Spiritist Centres in the area, I had heard about it from friends and relatives. I had been very keen to visit for a long time, but perhaps for fear or prejudice I never had the attitude to actually go there. When I did go, I was warmly received and have attended courses and healing before being invited to join one of its study groups.

As a relative newcomer in Spiritism, what is your perception of the Teachings?

I still have many doubts, but I know the Teachings open a wide range of possibilities in our lives. I see Spiritism as the most complete life and existence teachings we can have, as it explains clearly that we are free to choose and that our choices will have consequences for each one of us.

What is in your opinion the main aspect of the Spiritist Teachings?

The aspect that strikes me the most is the Spiritist approach to free will. A religion that does not force anything or judges but instead teaches the pathway to be pursued deserves at the least praise from all of us. I think it is also interesting is the interaction between science, philosophy and religion. In The Spirits’ Book, which was written at a time when no one envisaged the atomic bomb, atoms, energies and particles were already mentioned.

What do you think stands out from the acts and practices of fellow Spiritists?

The actions and decisions taken by Spiritists must be coherent with what is preached. The difference I notice between Spiritism and other Teachings is mainly the freedom it gives, instead of imposing its beliefs. Each individual is educated to live in full all that it is taught to him or her. It is the full responsibility of each one to follow or not these principles.

Your profession is a new one. Tell us a bit more about it.

I work as a mediator and arbitrage in industrial “disputes”. My work is to negotiate deals between companies and former employees after their contracts are terminated.

How do you apply your new Spiritist approach to such matters?

More than ever I strive to be impartial, not taking sides or damaging the interests of either side.

What is different, again from a Spiritist perspective, from the traditional approach in industrial disputes?

I have noticed that people on both sides are really focuses on taking some advantage, even a small one, from the other part. But I have noticed that people often find a way of finding their own answers and reach a fair deal for both sides without the need to go to court.

Is there anything special from your life as a Spiritist that you would like to share with our readers?

My attitude has changed. Thoughts that I had and things I did before coming in contact with the Teachings have changed completely in a natural and spontaneous manner.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

We cannot deny that there is a bigger force than we can understand in everything that exists. Spiritism teaches us this lesson is a subtle and loving manner. I have noticed in a short space of time significant changes in my personal and professional life. I believe I am already a better person now than I was before. And I believe that process of change and development must accompany us throughout our lives.

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