Not only pain brings someone to Spiritism

Orson Peter Carrara asked to a young man who has joined spiritism for a while ago: "How did you approach Spiritism?" the young man replied: "There came a time when I could not find answers to the most diverse questions of life. The need to understand myself, as well as everything around us, led me to seek a doctrine which I could identify myself."

The young man then sought out the spirit house, liked what he saw, and shortly afterwards the institution already had a new worker.

The above report is part of the interview that Felippe Fiuza do Nascimento granted to this magazine, which, published in this issue, is one of the highlights of this edition.

We have known many similar cases and one of them, which occurred in our city, offered us two important lessons.

Years ago, a spirit symposium was held at the State University of Londrina, promoted by young people who were at the time the University Spiritist Nucleus.

As some teachers from the institution participated in the event, many students made themselves present, mostly by simple curiosity.

Among them was an academic who was part of the group of young Catholics of the metropolitan cathedral of Londrina.

The young man, as he revealed later, was enchanted by the Spirit philosophy, since many doubts that he had not yet been able to elucidate in the context of the religion he professed had been settled that night.

The following year another symposium was held at the same venue open to the academic community, but this time he was not in the audience, but with his colleagues who coordinated the event with him.

What lessons can we draw from this case?

The first is that not all spirits come to Spiritism, touched by pain, as it has been common enough in the past.

The second is that Spirit spreading, both inside and outside the Spirit environment, is very important, because there is no reason for us to hide from our neighbors a doctrine that cause us so much good and helps us, through continued effort, let us modify in ourselves the old man who insists on commanding our steps and whose transformation for better is one of the objectives and one of the reasons why we are reincarnated here.

This disclosure is also a form of charity, as Emmanuel noted in writing the page "Timely Relief," in which, after emphasizing the importance of spirit teaching, he proposes to us:

"...let us study Allan Kardec, at the clarity of the message of Jesus Christ, and in the example or the attitude, the action or the word, let us remember that Spiritism asks us for a Permanent Species of Charity - The Charity of Its on Spreading". (From the book Study and Live, page psychographed by the medium Francisco Cândido Xavier)


Francine Prado




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