Spiritism For Kids

por Célia Xavier de Camargo


The Runaway Squirrel

In a clearing in the forest, there was a family of squirrels that lived in peace and harmony. The small family consisted of Dad Squirrel, Mama Squirrel, and a couple of very obedient offspring. Everyone was honest, for there was understanding and friendship between them.

While Dad Squirrel went out to support the family, Mama Squirrel stayed at home taking care of her children and the household chores.

One day Mama Squirrel discovered she was going to be a mother again. Everyone was very happy. After all, the kids were growing up and they missed having a baby at home.

Within a short time, the family increased. It was a beautiful baby boy!

The baby grew fast and became more and more demanding. The little family lived to fulfil his whims.

But not everything could be allowed! And every time his mother rebuked him, he became angry and unhappy.

Over time, he began to think that no one loved him. They were always scolding him: 

- Do not do this, Baby Squirrel! Do not do that! Put your things away!

One day, tired of everything and feeling very sad, he ran away from his home so he could live freely in the forest. His mother had always warned him of the dangers he would encounter, but he never cared. His father had never allowed him to go into the woods alone, worried about his safety. Now, however, he was free and did not have to obey anyone's orders.

- Whoa! Finally, I'm going to live the life I've always wanted. I'm grown up enough to take care of myself - he thought.

He walked through the forest, happy with his decision.

Gradually it got dark and the little squirrel had not yet found shelter. The sounds of the woods frightened him, and he wished to be beside his mother, who was always so loving. But now he was lost. He did not know how to go back. And, more than anything, he was terribly hungry!

The darkness became bigger and more terrifying.

Tired of so much walking, Baby Squirrel nestled on the trunk of a large tree and fell asleep after a lot of crying.

In the morning, he woke up listening to the sound of dry leaves. Someone was approaching. He got up quickly. Maybe it was someone who could help him?

But it was a huge, menacing wolf!

While the wolf howled, his teeth grinding dangerously, the squirrel fled.

When he realised that he was no longer within reach of the wolf, he stopped to rest.

- Wow! That was a close call! - he said, feeling more relieved.

At that, he heard a strange noise like a rattle. He looked at the ground and saw a huge snake ready to attack. Terrified, he fled again as fast as his legs would allow.

With his heart racing and breathing hard, he stopped at a tree. His legs were wobbly! He leaned against it to catch his breath when he heard a different buzz.

What could it be? He looked to his side and realised that he had almost touched a large beehive. And the bees looked really angry!

Gathering his forces, he fled again trying to escape the swarm coming toward him.

Because he was looking back, he did not see a stream right in front of him. He fell in and got all wet.

Fortunately, the bees lost sight of him and Baby Squirrel was able to get out of the water quietly. He looked around and recognised the place. Yes! It was close to his home! More confident, he took a short trail and within a few minutes reached the clearing where he lived.

Everyone was happy and relieved with his return and hugged and kissed him again and again.

Feeling himself again, after eating properly, Baby Squirrel told his mother:

- You know, Mama, I've discovered that nothing is better than our home! I thought that you guys did not love me, because you were always scolding me. Now, I know it's just because you love me so much that you acted like that. I faced many dangers, felt lonely and helpless. Only here, with you, I feel safe and calm.

And the mother, with tears in her eyes, said smilingly:

- That’s true, honey. There’s nothing like the love of our family. But you were never helpless. God was watching over you and brought you safe and sound back to us.

And Baby Squirrel, bowing his head, said with emotion:

- Thank you, dear God, for the wonderful family You have given me!


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