Letter to the reader

Year 11 - N° 537 - October 8, 2017

A chat with Felippe Fiuza do Nascimento

"Not only pain brings someone to Spiritism" is the title and the theme of our editorial, which brings Spiritism spreading importance, in and outside of spirit house.

Felippe Fiuza do Nascimento, from São Paulo city, where participates of Spirit Center activities, is our interviewee. Newcomer to spiritism, he tells us in the interview given the behavior of someone who has found answers and broaden his vision in contact with spiritism.

Our collaborator Gebaldo José de Sousa, from Goiânia (GO), is the author of the current edition especial, which focus on Allan Kardec’s work, specifically, “The Spirit’s Book”, it demonstrates why studies and comprehension of spirit teachings can favor our evolution, head to what we are destined.

It happened September 15 to 17 the last 5º International Spirit Forum of Blumenau (FOREBLU), organized by the Community Spirit Sister Lúcia (CEIL), one of the spirit centers in the city of Blumenau. Our collaborator José Lucas tells us how it was.


Last Sunday was celebrated another launching birthday of the magazine La Idea, founded on October 1st, 1923. Official mean of communication of the Confederación Espiritista Argentina, magazine which still exist, the reader can see it accessing its website: eis o link


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