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Year 11 - N° 533 - September 10, 2017

Ecology of the soul

It is disappointing to find a creature benefited by Spiritism but with no change whatsoever in its philosophy of life. It can be operated by one materialized Spirit which does not give its testimony, while another does, presenting a photo.

Unbelievers make me go back in time. Leewenhoek (1632-1723) described the world of microbes: "I received several gentlemen who were eager to see the microbes of vinegar. Some of them were so nauseated that they vowed never to use vinegar again. But what if I told these people that there are more germs in the human mouth, living in the scum of the teeth than men in the whole kingdom?"

I have found privileged brains, but primary brains in terms of spiritual intelligence. However, I must be fair; this did not prevent them from being "ethical" people and being miles away from those who are religious only in their outer appearance.

Kardec said that it is not important to believe in the existence of the Spirits, if this belief does not make us better, more benevolent and indulgent towards our fellow men, humbler and more patient in adversity.

People suffer from the "disease of unbelief." Without faith in the future they can reach suicide. Some are capable of resisting horrible misfortunes, and others commit suicide after light hassles. What is the cause of this difference?

Statistics say that people with mental disorders are at risk of suicide. Brazil is among the ten countries with the highest number of cases.

President Getulio Vargas (1954), his son Maneco (1997) and his grandson Getulinho (2017) committed suicide by shooting themselves. (1)

On the other hand, known "leprous" did not reach the existential emptiness. They imprinted rhythm to their lives, making the "healthy" jealous. Leda Amaral was young and beautiful when she became a leprous. She was blind at the age of seventeen. Her determination was so great that she learned to read with her tongue.

I feel so sorry when I am with a materialist in the presence of the mother who lost her child. She is hungry of animus and exhausted by pain. What can the materialist offer that can numb her pain and help in the difficult recovery of the joy of living? How different it became when confronted by Chico Xavier's letters!

The academy will not resist the free manifestation of diverse cultures, which will induce the university to broaden its cultural universe. If there is a revaluation of religion there will be a need for a balance point. This point is placed in a line of thought that values ​​Science, Philosophy and Religion at their points of intersection. 

The History of Spiritism had a beginning, but it will not end. It began on the night of March 31, 1848. On the wooden walls of John D. Fox's barracks, they began to strike, disturbing the sleep of the Methodist family. The girls rushed into their parents' rooms, frightened by the heavy blows.

About the girls of the noise, an article can be found on the WEB, Reformador - April 1978. Details are registered in a book by Lamartine Palhano who thanks the Fox family, who overcame social and religious barriers in dangerous and prejudiced times. (*)

Chapter XII, Of Moral Perfection, in The Book of Spirits, contains subtitles: virtues and vices, passions, selfishness, characters of the good man, and self-knowledge. Moral vices have the greatest negative weight, but the worst of them is selfishness. To fight it is to root out the evil.

We tend to believe that passion is always negative. Kardec asks: "is the principle - that gives place to passions – evil, even though it is in its nature?” Answer: "No".

The Encoder insisted, "How can one establish the limit where passions cease to be good, to become evil?"

Answer: Passions are like a horse that only is useful when commanded and dangerous when it commands.

The Spirit is the knight. Having lucid consciousness, he will be in charge. Passions are levers that double strength and help to fulfill designs.

In chapter XVIII, Sede Perfeitos (Be Perfect) of the Gospel according to Spiritism, Kardec mentions the Parable of the Sower.

Love is able to sum up the entire Doctrine of Jesus. When love becomes action, charity is born. "Disciples will be recognized for loving each other".

"Feed my sheep". (John, 21.17)

The appeal to Peter's heart is significant. The Master does not recommend drastic measures for compulsory discipline. Feeding sheep is to nourish with spiritual nourishment.

Predicting difficulties, He calls for the use of self-control and asks not to be discouraged in the face of rebellion. Without control of the impulsive temperament, we will not achieve serenity. It asks not to condemn the mistake, to help and always educate. Without a Spirit of service we will not create the values ​​of sympathy. Without renunciation one does not experience pure love.

To be a faithful worker, it is required that one is self-demanding. (Fonte Viva. Emmanuel, Lesson 19).

The purpose is to become less, less aggressive, vain, authoritarian, covetous, less envious. He who understands the meaning of spirituality only cares about fighting with himself.

They asked Professor Hermogenes what his secret was for youth. The answer is the Magic Formula. (2)

"It is at the time of deep suffering that we change the direction of our mind. When we are involved in a situation of violent stress, when immersed in a crisis, it is imperative to mobilize all the talents, powers, reserves, to try and reach the overcoming”.

Hermogenes says that "when convinced of his disability, he applied a strategy and always came out victorious. Before God, he handed Him the problem or himself, trusting and ready to accept what came to him. In a test of trust, love, and faith, he thanked in advance what God thought was best. Immediate relief was felt".

A grateful heart speaks directly to God.

The Magic formula: "Surrender, Trust, Accept and Thank!"

Vital energy, which unites body, mind and Spirit, when in balance promotes a healthy state. The individual is a person connected to a larger macroscopic totality, through a continuous progressive tissue that begins in the family, passes through society, through the environment, and ends up expanding to the whole Universe.

The manifestation of diseases can be seen as the result of an imbalance, which may originate in the individual himself or in his relation with external reality. Thus, the state of health is a state of harmony both internal and external.

Many health problems can have their origins in the mind. Feelings that have been persistently repressed will emerge as conflicts and then as physical illness. It will be necessary to treat the physical effects, but it is necessary to strengthen the mind, the conscience and the intelligence, since they play important roles in health and well-being.

For the physical effects of imbalance we can use the traditional pharmacological treatment. But when we balance, we will gain the ability to alter the pharmacological action of the drugs, potentiate their beneficial effects and still minimize their adverse effects.

A hurt person is stocking negative emotional energies that drive it to remain dominated by the ego.

A young swordsman, friend of a monk, thought of success and fame. Of great technical prowess, he decided to challenge fighters to reach his goal faster. In looking for the old friend, he received a proposal: We will fight with swords. If you beat me, you can go with my blessing, but if I win you will stay here, as a monk.

He was the best swordsman in the province, and the monk had never touched a sword. The young man accepted the fight and was quickly defeated. He entered the monastery. But how had the monk done that?

What is the honest question for an unusual fact? The physician, Dr. Fructuoso, also questioned the Spirit, after the surgery he witnessed. (**)

The monk replied: "Martial arts and Zen are two ways to achieve the same goal: unity between body, mind and spirit. He who achieves this knows all about martial arts and Zen, without ever practicing either". (***)

"The true man of good practice practices the law of justice, Love and Charity in its highest purity".

What is love? What is the meaning of the word charity? Are we fair?

A companion, in a previous life, died in the guillotine. At a museum he felt bad in front of this instrument. Reincarnated, he brought with him the negative emotional energies stocked.

"Encontros e Despedidas" (Meetings and Farewells), by Milton Nascimento, reminds us of reincarnation.

Send news of the world there, say who is staying. Give me a hug, come and embrace me, I'm arriving...

Every day is a back-and-forth. Life repeats itself at the station.

There are people who come to stay, and there are people who go forever... There are people who arrive and want to return, there are people who go and want to stay. There are people who just came to look, and there are people who smile and those who cry. And thus they arrive and they leave… The meeting time is also the farewell time. The platform of this station is life... 

Pilate declared Jesus innocent and tried to release Him five times. Because He survived for six hours on the cross, he had enough time to hate. He says, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do." Luke 23:34.

"Surrender, Trust, Accept, Thank."

A medical journal discussed the death of Jesus. (****)

Hypotheses: pulmonary embolism; cardiac rupture; trauma suspension; asphyxia; fatal stab wound and shock. It is concluded that all the events of the execution contributed to the development of the shock. Thus the traumatic shock must be the main mechanism of Jesus' death.

Torture is cruel, whatever its mode. The tortured are different. With the penetrating gaze of Jesus, the good thief can die without stocking negative emotional energies.

If charity is love in action, what are its opposites?

Perversity, malignity, cruelty, atrocity...

There are species of gifts of the intimate life.

"Give rather alms of what you have." Jesus (Luke 11: 41). "To give what we have is different to give what we possess.”  (Emmanuel, Fonte Viva - Living Source - lesson 60).

However, "under no circumstances should we forget the admirable selflessness of those who distribute bread and clothing, medicine and relief to the body, learning solidarity and teaching it. Fortune and authority are goods that we hold provisionally, they do not really belong to us".

What are the gifts of our inner sphere? What is the stock of our feelings?

"It is always reduced the charity that nourishes the stomach, but that does not forget the offense, that is not ready to serve directly or that does not light the light to the ignorance".

"Love that radiates in blessings of happiness and work, peace and trust, is always the greatest gift of all."

Where there is hate, may I take love, offense-forgiveness, discord-union, doubt-faith, error-truth, despair-hope, sadness-joy, darkness-light.

May I seek more to console, to understand and to love.

Francis says that it is dying that one lives, for eternal life.

In Spiritism we have personal responsibility to the Christ.

Emmanuel, Opiniao Espirita (Spiritist Opinion): Jesus is the door; Kardec is the key.



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