Spiritism For Kids
por Célia Xavier de Camargo

Year 11 - N° 524 - July 9, 2017

Love All Animals

One day, while walking through a field without a destination, Roger, a 17-year-old boy, saw some horses calmly grazing and got close to them. He noticed a pony and carefully approached it. It was brown and white. Beautiful!

Placing a hand on its head, he patted the horse who in turn looked at him and whinnied.

The young man smiled, pleased with the pony's reaction. Then he walked a little farther as he saw another horse and also ran his hand over its back.

At that moment, the other pony came up to him and sniffed his head. Roger was amused and start playing with the horse.

He felt like riding it, and after running his hand on its hair again, he jumped on. The pony, after feeling the boy's weight on its back, happily ran across the meadow.

While Roger was riding it, the owner of the horses arrived and was surprised to see the young man riding his pony. Seeing the man who ought to be the owner of the estate, Roger slowed down and approached him, as he was probably not happy to see a stranger riding one of his horses, and said:

- Excuse me, sir! Is this your pony?

- Yes, and the other horses are also mine.

- I beg your pardon. When I saw your pony, I was amazed! It is beautiful! I tried to ride it and it accepted me. I thought it was going to react badly but it did not so we rode out.

The owner of the pasture, amazed, asked:

- What else did you do to make it accept you? 

- Nothing, sir! I just ran my hand on its head, on its back, and it did not react. So I tried to ride it and off we went.

Sitting on a nearby rock, the owner took off his hat and wiped his sweaty face with a handkerchief as it was a hot day. Then, calling the young man, he said:

- Have you ever worked with horses?

- No, sir. But I like animals and they like me! I do not know the reason!

- Well, I do. You have a way to deal with animals. They like affection, attention, a soft voice talking to them. That's why you got to ride him. This foal is my most unsociable animal. He does not like it when anyone comes near him or ride him. But you did it, because you treat him with affection and kindness.

- Maybe it's because I like horses and I like most animals.

- Would you like to work for me? I need someone to look after the horses. What do you think?

The young man thought for a moment and smiling said:

- Actually, sir, I'm unemployed. My old boss died and the widow sold the place. I would like to work with your animals. I can easily understand them, and they can understand me. If you think I am good enough, I am at your disposal!

So Roger started to work at that place, feeling happy to deal with those horses that liked him back.

One day, the boss watched him train a horse that had just arrived and was reputed to be dangerous. He asked in surprise:

- Roger, why do horses like you so much? Even the one who arrived yesterday, who is famous for being indomitable! ... My staff tried to ride it, but it did not let them. However, it accepted you very well! I wonder why?

- Look, boss, I can only think that it is due to the affection that I feel for them, and that they perceive it and feel the same for me! Animals feel when we do not like them. They know I'm not pretending!

- I also think so. And thank you for staying here at the ranch and taking care of my horses, which I am very attached to! I'm glad to have you here with us! Thank you friend!



(Psychographed by Célia X. de Camargo on 10/04/2017.)

Johnny Silveira / silveirajohnny@yahoo.com




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