Spiritism For Kids
por Célia Xavier de Camargo

Year 11 - N° 522 - June 25, 2017

The Luggage

An old couple walked down a road but they were both stumbling and tired. They would walk a little then feel tired and to want to rest. Then they would walk again, but the weight of the backpacks they carried was too great, and they grew very tired. So Peter said to his wife:

- Joana, how about we get rid of our load? It's too heavy and I can’t take it anymore!...

Joana thought for a moment and considered:

- Peter, but what will we do without our luggage? These are clothes, shoes and things we need! We can’t leave them behind!...

Then Peter, who had spoken first, made a suggestion:

- Joana, perhaps we can leave our luggage in a tree trunk? I have noticed that in this region there are many trees with holes in the trunk! What do you think?

- That's a good idea, Peter! Let's look for a tree with a hole. So we can keep our things there until we get back.

So they went on, and when they found a tree with a large hollow, they placed their belongings inside and, feeling relieved, resumed their walk.

Without the extra weight, they continued on their way and soon reached their city of destination. They had come to visit a brother they had not seen for a long time. After seeing him and making sure that he was well, they said goodbye and went back the same way they came.

When they reached the area where they had left their luggage, they carefully examined each tree. Until they found the tree where they had put their belongings. They put their hands in the hole, but they did not find anything!

- I’m sure we left our things in here, Peter!

- Yes! I'm sure this is the tree too, Joana! What will we do?

Not knowing what to do, they sat down by the side of the road and began to think. They needed those clothes! They had no money to buy more! What to do?

At that moment, they saw a man coming towards them who then stopped to know what was happening that made them so sad, to which they replied:

- It’s just that as we passed by before, we were very tired and decided to leave our belongings in the hollow of a tree. But now there is nothing left! Someone stole from us!

Then the newcomer sat down next to them and explained:

- I live near here. It turns out that many thieves pass by this area and I saw you put your load inside the tree. But as I know that these robbers are always attentive, I ran and took your belongings to my house. So because I saw you coming back, I have come to warn you that everything is well kept with me.

Let's go to my house and I will give you your luggage.

The couple accompanied the man to his house and soon they had their clothes in their hands. The new friend asked if they wanted to have dinner and they accepted as they were hungry.

After the meal, they took their things and, thanking the friend who had saved their clothes, they hugged him and said goodbye, feeling grateful.

Watching them depart, the man said:

- Do not forget! You can’t trust open places! There are always those who wish to take advantage of our lack of care and you may not find someone who will keep your belongings until you return.

- You are quite right, my friend! We are grateful for your kindness, taking care of our luggage for us.




(Psychographed by Célia X. de Camargo, 5/22/2017.)

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